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Hey beautiful,

I am Em, and I believe that it is my life’s purpose to coach women in life after cancer with space to unravel. With space to tap into that radiant space in their heart where they can become amigas with love. And with fear. Where they can stand in their power and be real, beautiful, (sometimes) messy humans. Feeling. All. The feels. Cause that’s. Really. Living.

So. How did I get here?  

Well. I started off as a positivity junkie. In my work as a school psych and in my life, as a friend, as a sister, as a cousin, as a girlfriend and as a daughter.

Then. I was diagnosed with (triple negative) boob cancer. At the age of 34. And. Omgoddess. My world. Was. Flippin’ rocked.

So. What did I do?  I dove in harder. Into positivity. I practiced the shitake outta gratitude. I chose my words super duper carefully, as to not attract any negativity. I believed that standing in my power meant choosing happiness, appreciation and love.

So. I had it all figured out? Riiiiiight? Yas! I told myself, “Em, you got this.” You rocked the shitake outta cancer. And. This whole positivity thang? Yeppers. You’ve nailed that too.

But. Nopers. That was not the whole truth. Cause part of me. Deep down. Was really flippin’ scared. And. Really flippin’ angry. And sad. Really flippin’ sad.

So. Years after diagnosis. I began to give myself space to unravel. Space to feel it all. And I learned to lean into all the emo(tions)s. To acknowledge the dark. And the light. To speak my WHOLE truth. And. To stand in my real, beautiful (sometimes messy) power.

So. That’s how I got here. To where I get to coach women to really live. I unraveled. In life after cancer. And. I learned how to be (more) cool with love. And I learned how to be (more) cool with fear. Cause that’s truly standing in your real, beautiful (sometimes messy) power.  

And. I love you so much. And. You are beautiful.