Bug(ger) Off 

Bug(Ger) OFf

bug(ger) off ::: 

::: spring water (stored in glass), witch hazel/vodka, lavender, lemongrass, oregano, citronella, and a lil' coconut oil (less drying fo yo skin) 

 ::: citronella for mosquitoes and fleas + lemongrass for mosquitoes + oregano for ticks.

::: made specially w love w therapeutic/food grade essential oils in a glass bottle

Need some bug(ger) off? Or ready to get yo smoke free smudge on? 


email ::: smudgestrong@gmail.com or emilyjstrong@gmail.com

2 oz glass bottle ::: $8
4 oz glass bottle ::: $ 15
+ shipping if you are outside of the Austin area