Saturday, Sentiments, and Earth

My sis, my broil, Adz and Wim are moving to the woods. Soon. I’m excited. I’m sad.  And it’s got me all sentimental. And it’s a rainy, thundery Saturday. Lightning too.

Shift’s happening. Clearing is happening. It’s intense but thanks for the help Mother Nature. Mother Earth.

Thanks for the smell of the rain through my open door as I type. Thanks for the sounds of the sheets of rain smacking on the metal roof. Thanks for the vibration of thunder booms that I can feel in my heart. Thank you for the dark gray skies that I can see through my window. Because. The smell, the sounds, the sensations, and the sights remind me that I’m alive.

“I am alive. I have a Precious Human Life. And I’m not going to waste it. Today I am fortunate to have woken up. I am alive. I have a Precious Human Life,” One Village Music Project.

And we’re all connected. It’s all connected. I am only human. But the Universe. And Mother Earth. They’re flippin’ magical. Mama Earth feeds us. She gives us life. The rain. The trees. The plants.

A reminder to love the shitake outta Earth and outta life. Love! Live! And trust the process.  

Shift, transform, clear, cleanse.  Smell the air. Hear the rain. Sense the thunder rattle in your heart. Feel it. And be grateful. Cuz it means yer alive parT peeps. 

So. Repeat. Be excited. Be sad. Love. Live. And trust.

We got this!