Aliens, Gifts and Just Doin' It

“Remember, YOU are writing your story. And it can read however you feel,” (a hand drawn heart), Jess Pino.   

It's Just Do It July.

So. What do you WANT to do?

According to Lena Stephens from the Power Path, this month is about doing through balance. Balance between action + direction & intuitive clarity + creativity + receptivity. And. Focus on energizing, growing, moving forward. Proactively. Create time. Carving space out for what YOU want.  

Just do it, parT peeps. Carve space. Create time. For what YOU want. And do it with a balance between action and intuition.  

Still a lil foggy? What I'm talking about? That vision of what your heart really desires? Have a vision but choosin to settle? To struggle?

This is the time. To just do it. Take intuitive action. Get clarity. And create the life you design.  Feel stuck? Move. Dance. Take a walk. Change your scenery. Whateva floats yo boat. Just do it.

And. You know. You know what you want. Maybe a nudge will help. I feel you. Me too sometimes. Def could help today. So. For today. I’m committing to being an alien.

Being an alien : kickin it Jen Sincero’s style.

In You Are A Bada$$, JS asks you to imagine you are an alien. Imagine you swoop down from outer space. You embody your body w complete awe. This experience is completely new to you. No past. No history. No story. Look around, what do you see? What strikes you as completely awesome right now about this person whose body you took over? How are you going to move forward to make something fabulous with the gifts that you have right now?

She further nudges. You have possibilities. Connections. Resources. Opportunities. See them. See your fortune. It’s all around you.    

This morning I took down my gallery of birthday cards. 7.7. Was 7 days ago. Took them down. But kept them. I put them on top of my stack of glittery gold notebooks. Cause in an alien-ish way. I’ll probably revisit them. At least their energy is there if I am feeling rut-tish. Or spontaneous. Or stuck. Definitely there if the settling mindset starts creeping in.

I recommend this. Collect compliments. Collect love notes. Collecting happy mail (virtual and in real life). Collect it all. In your mind. In your heart. And maybe on paper or in a note on your phone. Or take pictures. Or journal about it. Whateva ices your cake. And read through it every now and again. Look for themes. Repeats. Remind yourself that you are unique. Remind yourself of yo gifts. It will guide your heart. And that’s why you are here. To share your unique gifts w the world. And to be unconditional love. It’s true, boo.

So this morning I was craving a fresh perspective. Time to get outta my head and just do.

So I started cleaning. Picked up my bday card gallery. Instead of adding them to my pile of happy mail. I picked up what I had collected or in real life mail. And looked through what peeps have thanked me for over the past year. Alien-ISH. Not quite the same. But. The same intention, right? To shift my perspective. Some fresh thinking.  

So here it goes.

According to people I love, my tribe:

I AM | inspiring, alive, self-healing, deserving, remarkable, a shining light, a great teacher and business owner, positive energy, positive outlook, a true unicorn, kind, thoughtful, smart, beautiful, strong.  

THEY FEEL | proud, excited, positive, gratitude.

WE FEEL | gratitude for one on one time, car time together, monthly ladies meet ups, baby sprinkles, being there on the wild ride of our dreams coming true. Being alongside each other on this journey of life.

And now. For the rest of the day. I’ll experience my life as an alien. Everything is new. No back story. No disease. No disappointment. Fresh seeing. Fresh hearing. Just. Life. Now.

“When you find your calling and you design your life in such a way that you can share your gifts w the world on a consistent basis, you feel like a rockstar,” JS.

Jen and I invite you too boo to ask yoself :

  • What’s awesome about me?
  • What's awesome about my life, right now?

I’m doing it. Join me.

Keep a note in phone. I'm doin it. And. I’ll get back wicha. 99.9% sure I will. 

Share w me too. Lemme know what’s awesome about you and yo life, right now?

There is connection. There is (re)source. There is opportunity. See it. See your fortune. It’s all around you. Think freshly. You'll see it.     

xo and peace,