Breaks, Blindly, and Believing

I took a couple of days away from writing. I engaged in real life conversations w people I love during my writing time instead. So. In my mind (and my heart), I was still writing, kind of. Well, still storytelling. Speaking my words. Practicing using my throat chakra. But rather than typing my words. I was speaking my stories. And. I got to listen to my peeps tell their stories too. And it was great.

I took a break cause it was my bday. And I needed one. And I missed it. But it also felt great.

So. This whole bday thang. Here’s the real deal.

I experience bdays differently since 3.25.15. That was the day a doctor called me to tell me I had boob cancer. This year. Two and a half years later. Three more bdays later. Thriving. And grateful to have signed the cosmic contract to be here. Experiencing this lifetime. And to be striving to live w unconditional love for life. And all living beings.

My heart is full of gratitude for the calls, the emails, the cards, the flowers, the gifts, the txts, the Facetimes. For peeps allowing me to spread the peace and love movement w Ringo on 7.7. (He turned 77. I turned 37. We’re birthday buddies.)

My heart was filled by peeps allowing me to take photos of them peace and loving. And for the hugs. I'm super grateful for the in real life and virtual love.

And. My day was filled with rainbows, unicorns, crystals, and shiny gold. Of course. And the fuschia unicorn horn is back.

But. Most of all I was grateful for all my peeps for being individually themselves. And for loving me unconditionally. And for walking beside me.

(Also. A gold You Are Beautiful sticker exists. So. I officially believe in miracles.)  

So. This morning. I stepped back into my morning routine. Today I chose to :::

::: Meditate.
::: Yoga.
::: Coffee.
::: Walk.
::: Read.
::: Write.

I’m reading several books simultaneously right now. (Does anyone else do that? And then not include the book that I should be finished by next week for book club.) Strange. Anyway.

Here’s the nuggets smash-up ::: pulled from my all my readings ::: the ideas/words that spoke to my heart. Maybe they’ll speak to yours too.  


Don’t follow rules blindly.

Trust your voice. Fully embrace your bada$$ self. See yoself through the lens of love. Even if it’s someone else’s lens. See your grace. Your potential.

Trust the energy behind your words. You are a worldwide phenomenon. So. Go in w a full heart. An open heart.

Extend your boundaries. Believe in leaps. And bounds. And shades of gray. And blues.

Live on the edge. Be mischievous. Start. Now.

Give space. To wander in. And to speak. Speak that longing in you.

Choose your reality. You are loved. Unconditionally. Spread love through your community. Unconditionally.

Be you. Be love. All you need is love.


PS. Stop and smell the basil. It's worth it. I promise.