Planets, Suicide, and Hugs

It’s 4.11.2017. Woo woo warning. I am going to start talking about planets. And retrogrades. Four planets are in retrograde parT peeps. F.O.U.R. “And you need to prep for the insanity.”  It has been feeling a bit. Well. Cray lately. At least for me. And it sho seems for those around me too. Of course there’s the usual "my technology isn’t working" cause it’s mercury retrograde. But there’s some real, raw cray too.

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Mamahood, Veins, and Acceptance

So, the family we don’t choose. You know. The ones we are born into or adopted into (maybe even...legally). That family. Ya, them. It’s cray how much they teach us. Some provide safer learning environments than others. Sadly. But, I digress.

I’m not going to lie to you. My mom has been really pushing my buttons lately (and I’m sure vice versa). So, I’m up. Writing.

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