Glittery, Butter and Starting Over

THE INVITATION by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

“I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it, or fade it, or fix it.”

Sit. Hold space. Don’t try to change it. Just be with it.

Let. Yoself. Process. Yo. Shitake.

No mo running.

You know how I do it? I write.

Writing helps me deal with my s*@!)%&*. It helps me go through it. Not around it. It helps me to keep going. Even when I’m cracked. Or even when the excitement is so much.

So. It's morning. And I'm writing. Usually it’s for ten mins in my glittery gold notebook. Actually the one I’m using right now is mo like a bronze. I just bought my third glittery notebook to fill. I started writing in glittery notebooks in the beginning of May.

Also, in May, I bought “Writing Down the Bones” at the Boulder Book Store when I was kickin’ it in Colorado for a weekend of yoga teacher training. My coach Laura suggested on one of my breaks that I walk through the store. She suggested a couple of sections. I stumbled upon Writing Down and knew it was the one for me. Love. At. First. Sight. I expect to free my writer within through Natalie Goldberg’s words. And I am. And I love it.    

When I fell in love at first sight, I had already started the 100 day project w Becca. She is drawing. I am writing. For 100 days in a row. The project birthed Becca's Austin Coloring Book. So after I feel in love. I started reading Writing Down before I write. One excerpt a day. Just a couple of pages. I’ve read forty three excerpts. So that means that I been reading and writing for forty three days in a row. Eeeek. That’s a lie. I skipped two days last week.

I slipped up. So. I’m starting over. And I love it. June 22, 2017 equals day one. And I love it.   

How 'bout you? How do you process? How do you create?

Interested in freeing your writer within? Ya, you are. Start today. Or Start over. Or both. 

Cuz o' NG’s nuggets o’ knowledge, I :

(1) choose a glittery spiral notebook for my daily-ish writing ritual

(2) instructed me to find my fave type of writing utensil too. It’s a mini mechanical penCIL w lead that spreads like butter on the pages of my glittery notebook. Glittery butter.  

NG's writing jam includes :

::: Consider the pen that you write with.
::: It should be fast writing pen
::: because your thoughts are always faster than your pen.

Keep it simple and cheap.

You want to feel connection.

::: Think, about your notebook.
::: You should feel like you have permission to write the worst junk in the world.
::: Easy to carry, cheap.

A purse/murse sized spiral could work. Bigger than pocket sized. That’s only leaving space for small thoughts.

So go forth peeps. Write. Or don’t write. Draw or don’t draw. But do something. Create something. Meditate. Use whatever your tool is to work through pain. To sit w excitement. Whatever yo tool is to work through disappointment. Through joy. That. Those. Use them. No mo running.  

And smile. Remember to smile.



P.S. If you do write actually, when you write, I would love to hear about your pen/pencil and your notebook. I’ll be looking for your comment.