Hierarchy, Fingertips, and Transformation

1/3 of the population will commit suicide.
1/3 of the population will go crazy.
1/3 will wake up and transform the world.
:: Adapted from Yogi Bhajan

Words from Erica of Shiny Healthy People ::

"For a few years now, I've been obsessed with a prophecy I first heard from Gabby Bernstein. She was studying Kundalini Yoga and states Yogi Bhajan predicted that in the "pressure cooker times” those three groups of people in the post will emerge. Of course something like that stays with you, it's striking and scary or inspirational depending on where you are in life. I began to dive deeper into the Age of Aquarius and found that it was the beginning of so much that is necessary in order for the world to be saved from destruction. The age before Aquarius was the Age of Pisces where we were and still are run by power and hierarchy. It was age of experts and authorities. We had to have a master, a teacher someone to lead us and teach us. The Age of Pisces was one of silos, where only a certain few learned the secrets and we had to become students and followers to get the goods.

Now everything we could ever want to know is at our fingertips. Nothing is a secret. The motto for A of A  is "I know" because as I tell my patients and clients and loved ones, 'you always know'. A of A is the time of dismantling of systems and industries, the fall of the patriarchy and hierarchy, competition, war and the embracing of the divine feminine, equality, love, connection, community, and collaboration. The A of P operated from the lower chakras, the Age of Aquarius runs from the higher ones, the heart, throat and 3rd eye. We're realizing that we have to come together in order to heal the world.

Unfortunately, polarity is inevitable and as we've seen both good and bad are surfacing. Some people, the 1/3 who are woke or will wake up, are embracing the change, opening their hearts and minds to understand their place in the brave new world. While others are terrified of the change and longing for the times of the past where things were just as f'd up, but hidden and delivered with a cherry on top."

Yogi Bhajan also created 5 Sutras to help us get through this new age and challenging time. Erica Benedicto and I will be sharing them. We hope you'll read, share, and join the third of us who are ready to change the world.

Em and Erica