Lost, Sensations, and Joy

So sometimes you feel lost, right? I mean we all do. Right? Like ery-body does. Right? Well, maybe not. But I do. Sometimes. And I know in the end I am my own guru. I know the concept of not needing an architect cause I already am a temple. (Thanks DLP!) I get it. Well. The concept. But the application piece. Hm. That’s where my work prolly is. You feel me?


That's where my work is.

You feel me? 

One of my soul sistas, EB,  is away. She’s studying abroad, and I love her for it. 99.9% of the time. Cause .01% hates it. Cause. She’s away. But. Even from 5,373 miles (8646 km) away and a 7 hour time difference, she knows. E txted me a contact. She’s helped me when I needed help on my path. So here’s the deal. When E communicates, I listen. So. I txted her contact. Of course, We scheduled a call. And. It. Was. Magical.

Her nuggets of knowledge were delicious. Sensational. As I listened I tuned into the energy in my belly and in my heart. Her words guided me towards applying concepts. You know all this dang knowledge we have. Ya, that stuff. Actually DOING it in real life, parT peeps. AND she guided me away from habits that I can go ahead and kick to the curb.

So here’s what I want to share wich you that I heard from her.  

Healing is like a muscle. You can learn to flex it. Over time you will get better at it.
Connection is key. So is a healthy spine. (Ok. She didn’t say anything about spines but she mentioned chakras so clearly that’s what she meant).
Be light w yo life. It’s fear that brings sadness. Fear can bring joy too. Find joy in the fear. Fall with joy. Cause you are going to come back up. You always do. So be light. And fall. With joy. The Universe has your back. I promise. Pinky swear promise.
Negative thinking is no bueno. When that shitake creeps in yo noggin’, practice lovin’ yoself. Talk to yoself w unconditional love. You know the way you would talk to your BFF when you are in a non-judgemental space. Cause I know sometimes judgement happens. #wearehuman
Artist unknown. 

Artist unknown. 


And some mo' nuggets of knowledge that I wanna share wich you too :

Act on your priorities. (BTdubs, prioritize from the heart.) Find courage and inner strength there.
Anchor and trust. Stability will come. W time.
Follow what gives you energy. Find power through love.

That’s it. For now.

And! Happy holiday wknd! The unofficial start to summatime? Woo hoo!

 Peace, love and XO,


PS. I’m officially a watch wear-er.