Offering, to the dark and to the light

Dear Dark.
Dear Light. 

Thank you.
Thank you for showing me integrity.
Thank you for showing me honesty. 


I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for excuses.
I'm sorry for the comfort of liquid courage.

Whiskey. Wine. Coffee.

I'm sorry for reacting defensively.
I'm sorry for not clarifying. 
I'm sorry for not calling.

Goodbye nagging.
Goodbye disappointment.
Goodbye nagging disappointment.  

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I still feel like I let you down.
I'm sorry that I still feel like I let me down.

Goodbye shame.
Shame for what I said.
Shame for what I didn't say.

Goodbye fear.
Fear of losing you.
Fear of you disappearing.

I choose to believe.
To believe in more than hurt.
I choose to believe.
In me.
In you.  

Hello feelings.
Hello vulnerability.
Hello support.
Hello honesty.
Hello commitment.
Hello shifts.
Hello excitement.
Hello connection.  

Physical + mental + energetic connection.  

My heart is healed.
My heart is ready. 

I'm energized.
I'm happy.
I'm healthy.
I'm whole.  

My heart is in.
My heart is open.

I see you.
I feel you.
I hear you.

I think.

I love you and I love me.
Maybe it's too much.
Maybe it's not enough.

We'll learn.

See me.
Feel me.
Hear me.
Love me.

All we need is love.


PS. Home is where the heart is.
PPS. I miss you. 

Photos by Paige Wilks