Podcasting, Psychic-ness, and the Woods

I have been thinking a lot about what it’s like to process the world through almost five year old and almost seven year old eyes. Or as Adz would tell you -  a 6 and 3/4 year old. 

So, Adz and Wim (and my sis and my broil aka brother in law) are moving to the woods. In 5 wks, they’ll be kicking it back up in the Northeast. Where we’re “from.” My sis, my broil, and I all grew up back in the NE. And now they are going back. Or maybe they're going home. 

I know that I’ll be okay. (And it's not really about me.)

You know how I know that? Let me tell you how. Cause I need to remind myself.

So, here's the deal. I know that their soul family is in Vermont. For now. I get it. And mine is here. In Austin. For now. You know how I know that?

Let me start from the beginning.  

I've been podcasting a bit again. I used to kick it w This American Life while I cleaned the house on Sunday mornings. My version of church is Ira Glass as my preacher along w the holiness of a clean house. BTW - Love a clean house. Hate cleaning. But the outcome is worth the process.

Then I would kick it w a little Meditation in the City on my morning commute. Started my day getting my Buddhism on. NYC style. As I cooked I would get some Pop Culture Happy Hour on. It was a guilty pleasure. Pop! So was that glass or two of vino tinto. Cooking and wine. Also my version of church.

A couple of weeks ago my soul sista Jess recently told me about a new podcast by a local Austinite, Alyssa, who I just learned my other sista, Becca, also devours. Driving home from Htown aka Houston a couple of wks ago, I converted my biz partner, Erica.

I was driving. E and I were talking about...something. Probably I was harassing her (or nudging her) about scheduling. Getting dates on the calendar. Ah, yes! We were getting hippy dippy talking about our Insta series on the Aquarian age.  

We had made some progress brainstorming/researching our series.

And...I was distracted recognizing the familiarity of the drive from Htown. E was distracted looking at the animals on the side of the road. So many cows for her to look at.

The drive is familiar to me for a couple o reasons. Most recently cause I kicked it at MD Anderson a couple of years ago, for a couple of days, every couple weeks, for a couple of months. My bio sis and I; my mom and I; or my bio sis, my mom and I would drive to Htown. And usually we would spend some of the drive podcasting.

My bio sis is one of my fave resources for podcasts. I often call on mis amigos y mi familia to be the experts for me. W podcasts and w music. If it wasn't for E, my bio sis, and mis amigos I would be listening to the two same Meghan Trainor songs on repeat for the next couple o months. Still might be. Dance party muzac! Anyway.

Ok. So. Podcasting conversion. Jess told me to listen to Alyssa's podcast. I converted Erica aka E to Alyssa's podcast.. And Becca confirmed her Alyssa podcast lovin' at Ladeez Happy Hour this wk.

On our ride home to Atown aka Austin from Htown, E and I starting listening to Alyssa's epi about Psychic Kids.

Woo woo warning. I believe that a lot of kids in this upcoming generation are...kinda psychic. And Alyssa says so too. 

Sure. I am biased as a aunt of an almost 5 year old and almost 7 year old. Eh hm. I mean 6 and 3/4 a years old. But STILL. The Universe is shifting y'all (or as Northeasterns say, "you guys.") And these kids are A-MAZING. They're aware. They're awakened. Which can mean they're absorb-ers. Or not. But prolly. Not in the buck up, kid, sense. In the sense that they are emotional sponges and healing the shitake from their ancestors. The past generations. (Big job!) And modern society doesn't always mesh w that.

So my sis and her fam are finding a way to deal w that. They're moving to the woods. And it's good. It's great. Nature is the fix. And the epi of Alyssa's about psychic kids and soul family helped me understand. My sis, broil, and their kids' soul family is in Vermont. Maybe their soul family will be in Austin again, too. But for now, it's there. And that's a-ok. Kind of. Not really for me. BUT it's not about me. Insert sobbing emoji here. 

So, thank you to my soul family. Thank you my bio and soul sistas. Thank you to my network, my community. I love you.

Thank you for Universe for allowing Atown to be home. I've fallen in love with Austin again. For now. More on that later. Maybe.

And here are some podcast recs from mis amigas, mi familia...

  • Outside Podcast
    Recommended by Ellen Strong aka my sis
    This specific epi talks about the healing power of nature aka the Nature Fix. 
  • Kind World  
    Recommended by : Jessica Sager 
    "This is my new favorite thing as of yesterday. It's like an auditory version of your favorite, best healthy treat, where you just feel good (and maybe a bit teary eyed) after listening." 
  • Modern Love
    Recommended by Ashley Malteaser : an MD who rocks Medicine for and from the Soul. 
    My Husband's Left the Building is a fave epi.
  • The One You Feed
    Recommended by Jenny Waldron : Nurse and Yoga Teacher
    "It's about the choices we all make and how they relate to the parable (we all have 2 wolves inside of us; a good wolf and a bad wolf. Which one wins? The one you feed." 
  • On Being 
    Recommended by Andreia Randsdell Simon : an elementary educator whose classroom slows down your breathing and regulates your heart rate
    "Love love love this podcast - so many beautiful questions and conversations with so many beautiful people! Krista Tippet is an amazing host."
  • Raw Spirituality
    Recommended by :
    Erica Benedicto : an expert at uncovering super healer ladies' potential and purpose and helping them get what they want out of life. 
    Becca Borrelli : an admirer of doodling, lettering, and art teaching, an art teacher at The Contemporary Art School in Austin, an establisher of an illustration and sign making business who is inspired by the invisible connections between all things, and her work aims to be a playful, bright, and hopeful interpretation of the world's whimsical and magical sides. 
    Jessica Pino : a community builder who grows cultural awareness by supporting local business and the arts; who enjoys serving the people of Austin by helping them with their real estate needs allowing them them to invest in their future; who believes in building life long relationships with people.