Pressure, Contradiction, and Release

For a few years now, one of my soul sistas has been OBSESSED with what she heard from Gabby Bernstein. Gabby shared based on her research that in the "pressure cooker times” three groups of people will emerge. ⅓ of the population will commit suicide. ⅓ of the population will go crazy. ⅓ of the population will wake up.” (Adapted from Yogi Bhajan).

My sista, Erica,  notes : of course something like that stays with you, it's striking and scary or inspirational depending on where you are in life. Erica began to dive deeper into these times/this age. And the age befo us : the one run by power and hierarchy. Experts. Authorities. Following.

This Age. It’s an age of knowing. No secrets. I know. You know. Mo equality, love, connection, community, collaboration. Be aware. Be conscious. Express from the heart. Again. Community.

Wake up. Embrace the change, open your heart and your mind. Understand your place in the world. Be brave. Be scared. It’s all part of the journey.

Recognize. The other person is you.

Well, sometimes. So. Gabby Bernstein teaches about how we can separate. By attaching to our personal story. Protecting ourselves with the armor of who we are or identifying with why we are special. As a mother. As a lawyer. As a cancer survivor. Or thriver. Or whateva term YOU or your BFF or yo mama use to define your/her own individual journey.

Me? I’m a sharer. Some may use the word teacher. I say sharer. Actually maybe share-er. Regardless. I’m here offering an opportunity to you. And a reminder to me. I am here to offer you to please contradict yoself.

“Perhaps the Truth is absolute and fixed; even so, we are not - we are moving through space and time, seeing it from different angles,” Danielle LaPorte.

Yes. Thank you DLP and GB.

Understand that when we attach our identity to being a mom, to being a lawyer, to being a cancer survivor (or thriver or whateva you call it) : we separate ourselves. Identifying with credentials, with or without having children, or with specialities, separates us from the oneness of being human. From unconditional love. From connection. So. Release the story. Send love. To everyone. That you can. Smile at them. With your eyes. And recognize that it’s also okay to : BE HUMAN.

BEING HUMAN :: in some situation in yo life, you may not see the mirror; you may not recognize that the other person is you. Cause some people really are jerks. And that’s okay.

Once when my sistas and I were communing during a new moon, someone brought up the idea of mirrors. You know. Reflection. I am down with it. Totally. You know the idea that people come into yo life that you have attracted to teach you a certain thing. Except not always. Cause sometimes there’s this energy that you are trying to shed. This kind of karmic bs bond or something. And you might even get the whole mirror thing. You might. But not in this case. It just doesn’t work. And you think you’ve spent a lot of energy trying to make sense of it which really resulted in self betrayal. And that sho is not self LOVE. Has this happened to you? Me too.

“Not everyone is your mirror, okay?” Danielle LaPorte. “But there’s this derivative concept that gets dangerous : that we manifest people, because, they are on some level, a reflection of ourselves. If you buy this, then you would have to conclude that if you attract a narcissist into your life, or just really any selfish person, then, on some level, you’re just like them. I’ll put this as poetically as I can : just because you have brought a total jerkface into your reality; it doesn’t mean that you are mirroring your inner jerkface-ness. It might just be that they’re a total jerk. And you’re not. And the only thing you need to “work” on is how you deal with them.”

So. I offer you the opportunity to release. To release your attachment. I invite you to recognize the mirror. Also. Invite you to recognize that some people are just jerks. Also. Unconditionally love. As much as you can.  Update your opinions. Contradict yoself. It means you’re thinking. And. Work on how you deal w jerks.