Rules, Glitter, and Gold


Writing. I've been writing. But not here. Not on this space. Meaning not typing into a post on Squarespace or in a Google Doc. So, just not kickin’ it in the virtual ether. I’ve been writing in my notebook. In my gold glittery notebook. 10 minutes a day. Writing. Just writing.

A former co-worker had mentioned this practice to me. And I was doing it. For awhile. Then I stopped. I had my morning ritual. Then I got outta it. It unraveled. I stopped. Wah?!?! Why? Hm. Not sure. Oh ya! Cause I got up first thing to write. Cause I was excited. To write. And to share.

But! I decided a couple of weeks ago that it's time.

Time to get back into the swang of this thang, chicken wang.

First, meditate, then write.

Yes. I can go ahead and cook while I meditate or meditate while I cook. Tomato tomatoe, potato potatoe.  

Yes. I can kick it in a 75 min yoga class a couple of times a week.

Yes. I can walk around Town Lake eh hm aka Lady Bird Lake a couple times a month w friends.

Yes. I can run a 5k w.o training. BTdubs : for your calves sake I wouldn’t recommend this. Plus you might grunt a lot as you are in recovery. It’s aight tho. When you grunt you are breathing and remembering to breathe is the key to a happy, healthy life, parT peeps.

Ok. So. What do I know right NOW? I know I need to get back to getting grounded on the reg. Like e’rey day. First thang, chicken wang. First meditate, then write. BTdubs, I’m on Day 17 of breaking the grasp of my past lovers. Yep. 21 day meditation challenge. And it’s glorious. Finally. The first eh 14 days were pretty raw. Pretty vulnerable. But now I got this. For now.

First meditate. Then yoga. A couple of heart openers. An inversion. Get that lymph and that blood flowing. Circulatin’. Then coffee. Gets the heart pumping too.

First mediate, then yoga. Then coffee. Now. Write. Well read. Then write. Read a section of Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. Then write. Fo 10 mis nonstop, stream of consciousness style yo.

Just write, just write, just write. And it’s lovely. Delicious really.

I’m filling a gold glittery notebook with my musings. A notebook sized big enough for my thoughts. Not a pocket sized one. Clearly. And I write w a Pilot G2 07. A blue one. Although I prefer a Flair pen aka almost marker but when I’m honest w myself I know it disrupts my flow yo. I am filling the pages of my glittery gold notebook. One by one.

There are no rules for my notebook writing. Well, I guess the rule is there are no rules. Margins are not given power and neither are lines. And every morning I fill mo pages w my musings. And it’s liberating. To let it go and let it flow.  

So. I’m back. I’m in my flow yo. First meditate. Yoga. Coffee. Read. Write. Next up. Walk. W a lil’ mo coffee.

Thanks for reading about writing. And thanks for sharing.