Space, Fences, and Joy

Not sure 'bout you, but it's felt a bit chaotic. The world, Universe, Earth, whateva you call it. It's a cray time. Lots of shift. Lots. 

What the f, peeps? The cray. What the f are we gonna do? Ok. Here's an idea.   

These. Themes. These ideas. These concepts. These #Truthbombs. Keep creepin' up. Fo me. And maybe somethang about metamorphosis. Definitely butterflies. Maybe ladybugs too.

Here I go yo...

Space. Holding space. Step back. To allow a step forward. 

Boundaries. A wide open heart. W a f-ing fence around it.

Fear as joy. Loving the fear. Not loving it? That's cool too. Love that you are not loving it.  


And ladybugs. 

So. Lately, I've been reading a bit about dream interpretation again. I got into when I was in the depths of my healing. (It's a (Carl) Jung thang inspired by my hero Bernie).  

Paying attention to my dreams has been. Worth. It. 

Often in the early morning I will surrender from awake to slumber just as the sun has risen. I can feel a soft glow of morning light surrounding me. as I slip into the dream matrix. And I can feel the shift. I can feel myself falling. Into the matrix. Into the slumber. And then. Bliss. I am completely present. I am just where I need to be. And I dream of a friend who is far away. In the dream matrix we are together. I connect w my loves that I am away from. And it's magical.  

Magic. We can all access it. In your dreams or IRL. It's a muscle. Flex it, peeps!

So I offer to you to wonder : what's worth it to you? What does your heart say? What does your heart feel? Give space to that. Open your heart to that. Let what energizes you through your fence. Let what drains you out of your fence. Befriend fear. Love fear. Cause love will win. Dissolution of fear happens. W love. Or w loving that you don't love it. That works too. 

Be acceptance. Be flexibility. Be attention. Be intuition. Be love. Or be love that you aren't being love. Whateva floats yo boat. Whateva ices yo cake. Do what you do, boo. But. Let's come together and heal the world, peeps. Please. It's time.