Aliens, Gifts and Just Doin' It

“Remember, YOU are writing your story. And it can read however you feel,” (a hand drawn heart), Jess Pino.   

It's Just Do It July. So. What do you WANT to do?  According to Lena Stephens from the Power Path, this month is about doing through balance. Balance between action + direction & intuitive clarity + creativity + receptivity. And. Focus on energizing, growing, moving forward. Proactively. Create time. Carving space out for what YOU want.  Just do it, parT peeps. Carve space. Create time. For what YOU want. And do it with a balance between action and intuition. Still a lil foggy? What I'm talking about? That vision of what your heart really desires? Have a vision but choosin to settle?

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Breaks, Blindly, and Believing

I took a couple of days away from writing. I engaged in real life conversations w people I love during my writing time instead. So. In my mind (and my heart), I was still writing, kind of. Well, still storytelling. Speaking my words. Practicing using my throat chakra. But rather than typing my words. I was speaking my stories. And. I got to listen to my peeps tell their stories too. And it was great.

I took a break cause it was my bday. And I needed one. And I missed it. But it also felt great.

So. This whole bday thang. Here’s the real deal.

I experience bdays differently since 3.25.15. That was the day a doctor called me to tell me I had boob cancer.

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Negative Thoughts, Our Realities, and Love

THE INVITATION :: by Oriah Mountaindreamer :: I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.

I was once told by a healer that what threatens my peace is the way I think.

And that I am a leader for those around me. A leader for positive thinking.

Ok. Hold up. My thinking threatens my vibe but it also leads my tribe.

That's confusing.

And then I thought about it a lil mo.

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Jivin', a Bday Playsuit, and Expectations

Expectations. I’ve been thinking a lot about them lately. Partly cause my biz soul sista Erica has been bring them up a lot. Well brings up trying NOT to have them a lot. And. Partly cause my bday is coming up. I’ll be 37 on 7.7. And I feel like bdays are the epitome of expectations. Yes. And I know that I am not the only one. Who has...

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