A year or so ago, one of my amigas was living temporarily in a rental property.

And there was some weird, funky energy going on in that house. An amiga of hers had given her a smudge aka a sage stick. I was (super) excited that she was open to it giving it a shot. With her doctorate in toxicology and all. I mean she can kick it woo woo. But. Still. She likes data, too. A lot.

“What do I put it in or on though, Em? To let it burn and still be safe?” I suggested she try and use a mason jar and see what happens.

But she got me thinking. About smudging. And about science. And about spirit. And essential oils.

Sage is antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, antitumoral, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, hormone regulating, and antiviral.*

Lots of benefits to smudging w sage. But. When you smudge, you need fire. And there’s smoke.

So I then started thinking. About the idea of smoke free smudge.

Cause when I kicked it a school psych, I would have loved to get my smudge on. To clear the air. Of bacteria. Of virus. And of anxiety. To start my day. Between meetings. At the end of the day.

But I sho couldn’t light up some fire and get smoke all up in my office.

And then I started thinking outside of my work world. To healers who work outside of the schools. To medicine peeps, to therapy peeps, to yoga peeps, to realtors. And then I started thinking about travels. And smudging hotel rooms or airbnbs.  And then I started thinking about putting smudge in a bottle. A spray of essential oils. Sage and more. 

Then, during a swimming happy hour, at Barton Springs one Friday evening, I shared with a realtor soul sista my idea of bottling up smudge to share w the world. 

Smoke free smudge! She said. She was my first customer.

Ready to get yo smudge on? 


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