I offer one : one virtual coaching through Zoom (online video conferencing). Not sure about online coaching? I can relate! Used to feel the same way.
Then. I tried it. Ready to give it a shot?
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Is this for you?

Do you find yourself being nice to avoid uncomfortable feelings?
Do you expect yourself to rise above conflict?
Do you strive to see the bright side (but deep down are super duper scared about how dark it might really feel)?
Are you tired of pushing away fear? Fear of being rejected? Of being abandoned?
Of being alone?
Are you a gratitude junkie? But are tired of feeling like it’s forced.
Are you tired of fighting your feelings? Of stuffing your feelings?


What would it feel like?

To be able to speak your truth (even if it is uncomfortable).
To see conflict as an opportunity to increase connection.
To accept that fear is part of being human. And. To learn to deal with fear. In a healthy way.
To really, truly feel grateful. Not just cause you are supposed to.
To allow yourself to feel all the feels. And be (mostly) okay with all of them.

SO, you in?

Or are you gonna keep doing shitake the same way? I get it. It’s scary to acknowledge the dark. To allow yourself to unravel. To feel the fear. The anger. The sadness. But. Believe this. You CAN be cool with fear. And with love. You can speak your WHOLE truth.

So, you in? Set up a time to meet with me online and see whatcha think : Book A Free Discovery Session.

Not quite ready? That’s cool too. I’m here when you are. To help you have space. To unravel. I’m here to be your accountability partner, to help you, to really live. To help you be cool with love. And with fear. To help you stand in your real, beautiful (sometimes messy) power.

And. I love you so much. And. You are beautiful.